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Cuisine and traditions

The ancient culinary tradition of Arezzo, based on typical genuine and rustic dishes, typical of the contadine’s culture, seems easy in its preparation but complex for the vast number of dishes with strong and decisive flavors. Arezzo has in common with Tuscan cuisine poultry and pork, spinach and beans, ricotta and pecorino cheese, olive oil and use of nutmeg. Many recipes provide the use of mushrooms and chestnuts that this territory is full of, or pasta seasoned in many different ways. Among the most common soups we have to mention the cabbage soup and tomato soup, while among the first courses “pappardelle with hare sauce”. Among the second course meat has the first place: the stew called “scottiglia”, pork livers and “porchetta”, all accompanied by side dishes like fried celery, stuffed artichokes, legumes seasoned with olive oil. From the rustic trattoria to the traditional tavern passing through the most refined restaurant, food and wine offerts satisfies even the most demanding palates.

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